Exxon Mobil


Jade, Equatorial Guinea


Brine filtration ( Control of fluid chemistry and other undesirable constituent )



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Country: EQG – West Africa
Stage of Well : COMPLETION – Sand Control
Identification of problem:
Provide a great fluid salinity solution control and undesirable constituents control in Brines, Acids, Glycols, Condensates, Seawater and Bilge Water during Well Completion, Gravel pack, Workover, and Stimulation fluids operations on the Jade platform and Alutian Key rig Exxon Mobil EQG utilizing Dual vessel Filtration Unit and Diatomaceous Earth Filter Press Unit.

Issues to overcome:
Completion and workover activities faced a tremendous issue during operation phase with fluid properties altered and/or loaded with well bore solid/ debris.
Another issue encountered is the Optimization of fluid use will require a thorough and accurate understanding of the factors that
influence the reuse of well bore fluid in Completion/ Workover operations, including the
use and performance of fluid conditioners and brines additives. This required a fluid filtration process and equipment to prevent solids from causing damage at the reservoir face. This allows a well to produce to its full potential over the life of the asset. The process removes particles that, left untreated, could invade the formation or the proppant pack and close off the pore throats.


Well Completion, Gravel pack, Work over and Stimulation fluids

Wastewater remediation
Brines, acids, glycols, and condensates
Sea water and Bilge water
Oil in water polishing
Prefiltration, including reverse osmosis

Team and tools were deployed, and set and pressure tested successfully. The filtration activities were carried out as per the program and plan. The end results were proven to be successful beyond a laboratory environment.

Lead Supervisor on the job: Francis Yappi Ngangoue conducting job execution and leading the onsite team.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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