Jefrayn Energy Services has earned itself a degree in excellence in the field of well head maintenance services. Our team of experts carry out periodic inspections, function testing, repairs and wellhead intervention services for oil producer companies. Our experiences and Well Head expertise covers various OEM wellheads, chokes, valves, manifolds, BOP’s such as Cameron, FMC, Vetco Gray and Aker Kvaerner products we offer.

1.First and second line wellhead maintenance, routine and non-routine

2.Repair, refurbish and install Wellhead equipment and accessories

3.Supply, install and maintain OEM wellhead Equipment and accessories

4.Wellhead completions

5.Tools rental: lubricators, X – overs, drilling Spools and adapters, running – retrieving tool for seal assembly and wear bushing, combination running tools, test plug.

6.Repair, refurbish and install chokes and valves.

7.Pneumatic / hydraulic bolting services

8.Supply of valves (gate, ball, globe, butterfly, plug)

9.Supply, maintain and repair pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

10.Design, fabricate and construct wellhead control panels and Emergency Shutdown System (ESS).

11.Large Stock of wellheads 5,000psi and 10,000psi series.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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