Jefrayn Energy Services’ Fluid treatment uses a broad range of industry-leading filtration technologies to separate solids from liquids. We have built from a sample of typical applications for our technology based on tens of thousands of installations worldwide. We also specialize in customizing systems and solutions for the unique needs of our clients’ in varied applications. Our main applications are:

When an extraordinary condition exists in the well or producing zone, Jefrayn Energy Services will formulate and advise on a completion fluid to address the customized need following the formation properties which will maximize well productivity.

Calcium fluids minimize formation damage caused by solids invasion, and shale dispersion. Jefrayn Energy Services’ calcium Light Con brines is used for completion and packer fluids and in the formulation of specific reservoir fluids

These Fluid Loss Control technologies are designed to sustain the industry’s most pervasive types of fluid loss. Our high qualify microfibers and acid soluble mineral fibers form a strong, dense filter cake to bridge and plug voids and fractures.

These highly formulated breaker products remove polymeric binding agents and release the bridging materials either discretely or as a degraded material model. Lab work will produce a formula to customize the break lead time to facilitate the removal of bidding and bridging agents if encountered.

From Corrosion inhibitors for a full range of completion fluids to antimicrobial biocide solutions that slurry to eliminate oxygen, this full range of products control corrosion in clear completion fluids in virtually all operating environments.

This line of additives enables our clients to minimize, and in some instances reverse, formation damage. The product includes emulsion preventers, scale inhibitors, clay stabilizers and lubricants.

These chemical solutions carefully match fluids with unique conditions, and then protects the integrity of these fluids throughout their life cycle. By controlling and monitoring the chemistry of the product from our suppliers to the wellbore, we provide fluids that are less corrosive, more formation friendly, less harmful and that improve well production.

These products help achieve specific well conditions and enhance the performance of other additives.

Our international supplier provides specialized and customized solutions, to make completion more efficient. Our completion fluid specialists perform a broad range of testing, including crystallization point determination, compatibility testing and brine reclamation.

Many older wells have wellbore damage and/or paraffin in the wellbore and formation. A very economical enhancement is to use high pressure solvent which will clean out the perforations and excavate the inner sides of the wellbore.
We use a rotating tool with orifices oriented at 90 degrees (sideways), 35 degrees forward and 135 degrees to the rear. The rotating tool operates with a very high pressure with high flow rates to excavate the inner bore. This erodes the inner bore and dissolves and removes the wellbore paraffin to enhance the production of the well. This is a very economical procedure and by using special high pressure tubing one can rapidly complete the enhancement in a short period of time.

Well Cleaning services is deployed as a “fit-for-purpose” Debris Management Process that effectively removes debris after perforation or casing cake removal during completion operations.
• Jefrayn Energy Services specialist will conduct Debris Management Operation Process that effectively removes debris under different well conditions ( Perf clean out or Cake removal after mud circulation )
• Jefrayn Energy Services specialist will conduct operation taking into account the potential swabing/ Surging condition which might be a potential well control issue
• Casing Scraper/ Magnetic Debris Retriever Tool located below the string to catch metal debris and help improving casing cleaning.
• Jefrayn Energy Services will provide a great set of equipment, software and experience specialist to conduct operation in a timely and safely manner as per our state of art Well Cleaning System

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