As an active member in the oil and gas industry and in line with our core values, the safety and well-being of our employee, stakeholders and customers is a priority to us.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is fast evolving globally and we are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure we are following the very latest advice.  

Our hearts are with all of those who have been affected.

Our approach is firmly based in science and is focused to protect the wellbeing of our employee, associates and customers along with their families and communities.

We are continuously deployed all our efforts to implement and increase the level of safety measures across our field locations including the supply of sanitizing resources.

We recognize that circumstances of this threat remain a high concern and we would like to reassure our team and customers that we have taken steps that we believe will provide a safe working environment.

Our aim is always to provide services for our customer within a reasonable and safe environment and we will continue to monitor the situation and share necessary updates.

Yours sincerely,

Francis Yappi

Managing Director

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