Welcome to Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. We are very excited to announce that Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. is now fully operational as an oil and gas service company. It was created to fulfill the needs of some operating companies in Canada and North America regions. In fact, we are seeing tangible needs expressed by the operators in terms of well services requirements and are committed to providing added value to this huge market. We would like to thank all personal involved for their hard work and contribution and welcome them to the Jefrayn Energy Services family. As we embark on this adventure, I would like to share with you basics principles that guide our business:

Customer Focus: Our customers are our main priority and we understand that bringing added-value to their solutions must remain our ultimate goal. This is the inspiration of Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. We are a customer-focused organization that brings fit-for-purpose ideas, technologies and solutions to our clients. We take pride in providing quality services to our customers and will deliver products and services that exceed industry standards. We want to be recognized as the best service company when it comes to service delivery.

Safety and Social Focus: We act and operate in Canada with a world wide expansion aim and have a clear role to play in the community in where we are established. We will employ the best talent, strive to increase our safety footprint, abide with local regulations and policies to serve local operations. We will deliver our services in the most ethical way and be in full compliance with international and national policies/laws and regulations. Accountability, Ethics, Efficiency and Integrity are the cornerstones to Jefrayn Energy Services Ltds and will maintain our outstanding reputation by doing the right thing, the first time, all the time. You can view our full Code of Conduct here.

People Focus: At Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. our goals are ambitious and growth our ultimate focus. We will be pin pointed to our team development and motivation. Our management team along with our employees will strive to excel and deliver the best quality services. We are committed to building a strong corporate culture through integrity, engagement opportunities for our employees.

There is nothing more important than safety and we will empower our employees to align with safety leadership across all levels of the organization. As such, every Jefrayn Energy Services employee is fully empowered to stop any activity if the operating risk cannot be brought below acceptable and manageable levels.

As we are moving forward, we will capitalize on the strengths of our organization. We see an increasing number of opportunities in the Alberta region amid an industry that is showing signs of recovery. This is a perfect time for our start up Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. As such, we are counting on all Jefrayn Energy Services employees for their commitment and support in driving each of these business principles to make Jefrayn Energy Services Ltd. a leader in the oil and gas service industry.

We look forward to building a strong and bright future together.

Francis Yappi

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